Upholstered media wall panels

Upholstered Media Wall Panels

We Manufacture luxury bespoke upholstered media wall panels.

Upholstered Media Wall Panels add a luxury personal touch when decorating a media wall to any room. Our bespoke upholstered media wall panels are hand-made and crafted by award winning upholsterers delivering across the UK. A luxury upholstered media wall panel offers a unique and visual aesthetic to any commercial or residential interior. All materials used for our panelling is fire retardant, cushioned and covered with the finest fabric of your choice. We are the worlds first to offer upholstered media wall panels cut and made to measure.

Our finishes includes.

  • Waterproofing for interior, exterior and watter use.
  • Plug socket, light switch and fixture and fittings cut outs.
  • Built in wireless phone charger
  • Mirror Insertions
  • Starlight and fibreoptic light inserts
  • Trims
  • Wooden inserts
  • Upholstery plained down to run flush to sockets
  • Lighting effects
vertical fabric media Wall

What are the benefits of a upholstered media wall?

There are a number of benefits when upholstering a media wall, these range from: -

  • Easy to Install - All of our media wall panels are made to measure. All you need to do is simply fix the panel to your walls or one our installers can fit it for you.
  • Visual - Upholstered Media walls are a great focal point to any room that is custom made to your own design and specification.
  • Soundproofing and Insulation - Media wall Upholstery is a simple way to add more soundproofing and insulation to your home or business. Adding an extra layer to your walls will keep warm air in during the winter and cool air in during the summer. As an extra we can add soundproofing materials so you can enjoy a quieter environment.
  • Varierty of fabrics - We have a range of fabrics that offer an elegant finish intended to make a room feel aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and luxurious.
  • Protection - We offer a 5 year warranty on all of our media wall upholstery panels.
  • Low Maintenance - All you need to clean any of our upholstered panelling is a cloth, clean water, and cleaning spray to wipe the panels down to look their best.

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Types of media wall panels

Install Decor deisgn and manufacture upholstered media wall panels that are hand crafted by our highly skilled upholsters. Our panels are made sustainably with high-quality textiles, materials, so they’ll last a long time. Our panels are easy to install, with a variety of colours and finishes readily available. We want to help find you the perfect design for any media wall. With over 100 different fabrics, textures and designs, we can create you the perfect media wall. 

fabric Media Wall panel

We manfacture bespoke media wall panelling providing the following fabrics.

Velvet Soft Wall Panelling

Velvet was previously made from silk which is why it is soft and shiny. We connect velvet with being a luxury fabric that will transform any room. There are many benefits when applying velvet to a media wall. Velvet is very durable, stylish, easily cleaned, feels smooth and aesthetically pleasing.

crushed velvet


Suede is a superior type of leather with a comfortable feel, made from the underside of animal skin. Its decorative finish gives a smooth finish soft to the touch and luxurious finish. The benefits by fixing suede media wall panels are that it's easy to clean, wide range of colours, durable, long lasting, a very tough fabric and is very decorative giving that high quality feel.



leather is an animal skin that has been treated with chemicals to help preserve them. Leather still remains the most desirable textile due to its luxurious durability and water-resistance softness.


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Answers to your questions

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Do you have questions or concerns about a media wall install? If so, it might be beneficial to look at our FAQ’s below which may be able to help you further.

An upholstered media wall panel is made from a fireproof solid wood frame or MDF.  This frame is covered with premium foam, soft  wood and then covered in fire resistant upholstery fabric.

All upholstered media wall panels are made to measure and they will fit any wall. All of our panels are made to fit around any sockts, switches and fittings.

Yes, we have a variety of fabric samples, brochures and face to face booklet examples.

All of our media wall headboards are fixed straight onto the wall. We provide you with wall brackets that make the headboard sit flush to the wall.

We manufacture all of our products so there is no limit to how many panels you can order.

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