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What is an venetian plastered media wall?

A venetian plaster media wall is a visual feature that brings together your home entertainment system and built in fireplace within an existing wall. Venetian Plaster is also known as polished plaster, marble plaster or Italian plaster. Traditional Venetian Plaster is made up of marble dust, water, lime putty and oil and natural wax pigments. This gives you a highly polished finish that looks like marble, adding sophistication to any room.

Textured or polished, Venetian plastered media walls are not only stunning but they are also versatile. Thanks to its versatility, venetian plaster will showcase your media wall and make a statement. Our in house Venetian media wall installers will transform your living space into a luxury sanctuary.

Venetian Media Wall

Benefits of an venetian plastered media wall?

There are a number of benefits when installing a venetian media wall: -

  • Environmentally friendly - Venetian plaster is made up of non toxic chemicals and materials allowing the walls to breathe.
  • Low Maintenance - Venetian plaster is one of the easiest surface's to clean. Apply a damp cloth to wipe the surface and it will be as good as new.
  • Durable - Unlike traditional plaster, wallpaper or paint, venetian plaster will never strain, flake, fade or tear. It is more durable because of the natural stone that provides the hardness and high end finish.
  • Media Wall Panels - Our award winning upholster designs, create and manufacture bespoke upholstered media wall panels.
  • Property Value - Will instantly increase the property value.

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Venetian Plastering Process

Venetian plastering is a very specialised skill that has to go through a select process and application. It is a fine art that requires the exact approach and skilled technique, honed over 500 years. All of our venetian walls have to go through a step by step process :-

  • Prepare Walls - This is where we fill any imperfections, sand uneven surfaces and makes walls ready for priming -
  • First Coat - The first coat of plaster is applied to the wall, allwoing 6 hours of dry time.
  • Second Coat - The first coat must be sanded ready for the second coat of plaster. Our venetian plasterers will allow minimum of 8 hours dry time.
  • Burmishing - A third coat is applied once the second coat has been examined. Burmishing (smooth and polished finish) will be applied the same time as the third coat. We will allow a further 8 hours of dry times.
  • Apply Pigment Wax - We apply a natural wax for extra protection.
  • Bull off Wax - This is where we polish off the surface to get a high shine.
wood panel media wall

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Upholstered Media Wall

Upholstered Media Wall Panels are a unique way to decorate your media wall, giving you the WOW Factor. Upholstered Media Wall Panels add a luxury finish to any media wall. Our bespoke upholstery panels are tailor-made by award winning upholsterers delivering across the UK. Our Panels are made of mdf board, upholstered foam and covered with your chosen fabric. All of our media wall materials are fire retardant and come with a 5 year warranty.

Our media wall installation team travel nationwide all at a fixed cost. We carry out the following extras for every install.

  • plug socket, light cut outs
  • Mirror inserts
  • wood inserts or panelling
  • Star Lights
  • Charger Points
  • Smart Home Features

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Answers to your questions

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A media wall is a visual feature that combines your home entertainment system and electric fireplace within an existing wall.

A media wall can start from as little as £1500.00

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